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5/11/10 02:09 pm - internetcouple - Our Iron Man 2 Review

Our Iron Man 2 Review

3/13/09 12:45 pm - editor_m - Mickey Rourke in Moscow

Mickey Rourke came to Moscow to promote his brand new movie 'The Wrestler'. It is a drama centered on retired professional wrestler Randy The Ram Robinson as he makes his way through the independent circuit, trying to get back in the game for one final showdown with his former rival.

Besides talking about the movie, Rourke shared his opinions on being in Moscow, relationships, alcohol and more. :-)


3/1/09 11:19 am - sushi0nfire

11 | Titanic
11 | The Wrestler
6 | Various Mad Men

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2/26/09 10:43 pm - mrbnatural - THE WRESTLER: 61 icons!

01] Please comment!
02] Credit mrbnatural or iconzicons if taking!
03] No hotlinking or altering, please!
04] Are you okay with the staple gun?

THE WRESTLER: 61 icons!

12/9/07 05:58 pm - bekind_rewindd - THE MOTORCYCLE BOY REIGNS

Hello! I'm new to the community, and i'm a big Mickey Rourke fan!

PS-does anyone know where I can find some good icons and whatnot?

6/1/05 02:42 pm - parma_violets - Sean Penn On Mickey Rourke

A snippet I thought people might be interested in.

"I'd always admired Mickey's talent. It always struck me, in any generation... there's really only one or two guys that you get excited about, and Mickey certainly had always been one of them. And nobody has documented his ability to punch himself in the head better than he has. He had burned a lot of bridges for a long time. We had been friends on and off because, certainly, our bridges had been burned also. But I was always a fan of his. And I just felt we needed him. He and I ran into each other. He seemed in a better way than he'd been in a long time. I asked him if he'd [make a cameo in Penn's movie The Pledge], and he said yes. He came up, I shot two takes with him, said 'See you in L.A.'..."

By the way, this place is a bit quiet, isn't it? I know there are a lot of Mickey Rourke fans out there, especially after Sin City... If the admins don't mind, I could see if I can get some more people in here if you'd like.

4/13/05 10:02 am - kalyx - Rourke

I just found this community right after posting about Rourke in my personal journal and thought I would re-post it here for your amusement. I’ve known of Rourke and enjoyed his films since the mid-1980s, but have been excited about his re-emergence in motion pictures recently although from his list of credits on IMDB, he didn't really disappear for as long as I thought...

Animal Factory and Angel HeartCollapse )

11/22/04 11:27 pm - nologokun

So, what's everyone's favourite Mickey Rourke movie? From the few I've seen Angelheart probably had the best acting and storyline, but 9 1/2 weeks was my favourite.
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